Find who is invisible in gmail chat (Gtalk)

Many people already blogged about this article. I made the same experiment. It works.
If you want to find say is invisible or not.
Open your gtalk app and type this email address in top search textbox

Click the profile, it opens in new window as usual

Click on the down arrow button in the top right corner of the window, and you can see Go off the record link there.

And type any chat, say “hi”

You will get a red text showing the “person is offline , can’t receive the message right now ” implies theĀ  person is offline

If this message does not appear, it means the user is invisible

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76 thoughts on “Find who is invisible in gmail chat (Gtalk)

  1. feelme


    A friend me that trillian has a plugin that shows which users are in invisible mode. I was just wondering whether there could be a similar one for pidgin. I have not been successful in finding one online.

    Anything, anyone?


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