jRecorder 1.1 with Preview option is released

Two months ago, I published a jQuery plugin to record audio from browser (without any Media server) called jRecorder

I got many responses and requests to maintain the code with new enhancements and some bug fixes.

Based on that, a new version (1.1) is released which has the capability to preview the recorded audio before sending to the server.

See the example implementation and documentation here.

Also I made this source open and available for anybody to develop at: https://github.com/sythoos/jRecorder/



9 thoughts on “jRecorder 1.1 with Preview option is released

  1. Joakim Calais

    Hi, amazing plugin. Would there be a way to send different variable parameter each time you save the audio? In your example you call the file “acceptfile.php”. Could I call a different url each time, without re-initialising the flash in between? So acceptfile.php?eventId=13, eventId=14 etc?

  2. Joakim Calais

    How exactly do you tell it NOT to preview the sound or play it back? I just want to send it to the server, but now the recording machine starts playing it no matter what I do. It would be great, if we could control the setting.

  3. nando

    is it possible to ask for the microphone permission (the adobe popup)
    when the script is initialized instead of after the record button is pushed?

    the reason is i want to start recording on mousedown and send and post on mouseup
    but the permission alert gets in the way..

    thank you for your time,,

  4. oluwaseun

    hello Mr Me..i tried using this script for my php project..i can record and play back i cant send the recorded file to the directly i specified…

    it will only say the file has been sent to the server and i confirmed the local directory on my system..

    how can you be of help?


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