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WordPress Plugin – Warning Before Closing

Today i published my new wordpress plugin, which control user navigation. The plugin name is “Close Warning”.

It prompts the user a confirmation message before they close the browser window or tab. After that a lightweight window popup jumps up with your preset announcement or message  (in richtext format)

The Advantages >>

  1. You can avoid the accidental close of browser window
  2. You can tell or mention any message or offers before they navigate away from your website
  3. It works not only on closing, but in any type of external navigation (Internal navigation is screened out from this warning)
  4. Since it is built on lightweight window support, your message or warning appears very eye-catchy

You can download the plugin from : http://www.sajithmr.com/downloads/onclose-warning.zip

Screen Shot - Warning before close

Screen Shot - Warning before close

From the setting page, you can set your rich text message or warning / offer . See the screen shot:

Warning Before Closing

Warning Before Closing

Please feel free to mail me regarding any clarification and upgrade to admin@sajithmr.com



Google Chrome

10 Features of Google Chrome – Youtube Video


Yes, a browser with very simple layout. The features i like in this new browser is its full screee view. The only thing in the top area is the location bar. No other menus or buttons or panels are there. It gives a comfort feeling. (All other browsers are very congested )

The Competition is started

Another feature i like to see was that task manager. I was searching for such a plugin in mozilla. Which tabs takes more memory , more internet resources etc. And we can even end the process . Good approach google. Hats off.

The next feature i like is downloading files. It never ask for location for saving. After download you can save as you wish (You can drag the downloaded file anywhere in your computer ). So when you want to download , just download it !!!

On the very first day, i got a crashed warning message from chrome while i browsing !!!

Google Chrome Crashed

But there was option to restart, so saved  all the tabs.

Another feature i liked is it error display mechanism. It shows proper error and proper solution just like google style :)

Dns Error Chrome

One feature i expect was the warning before closing tabs. When i closed the browser, all the tab get closed without any warning.. I think firefox made me to think like this .

And in option , you can see the saved passwords (without any masking !!!) .  That is a bad feature i think.Lets expect more features in the coming update .

And about wordpress editor; some of the functions of WYSWUG wordpress editor is not working with chrome. I think this is because of the javascript compatibility  .

From a developer angle , i got one more browser to test a webpage  (How it appears after changing the html, javascript and css )

WordPress post via email

If you know this feature already , skip this article. But i have to ask a single question at the end of this section .

For wordpress version less than 2.3 , Go to Options  >  writing, and  for greater than 2.3, Go to settings > writing

What you have to do is create an email account with pop3 support

You can see the heading “Post via e-mail” there.

Enter your email server (by replacing mail.example.com)

Enter your pop3 port. (110 by default)

Enter your email login and password.

Choose a category to for the email entry posts

Finally Press update option Button

What you have done above is only the settings. For grabbing or pulling the content from email, you need to call/trigger an url.

That url is: http://yourblogdomain/wordpressinstalldir/wp-mail.php

Either you can call it manually. Or you can set up a cron job for that url by call the url using wget or like functions

Another simple mechanism to call this email trigger is use a hidden iframe in your blog template. (anywhere)

<iframe width=”0″ height=”0″  style=”display:none”  src=”http://yourblogdomain/wordpressinstalldir/wp-mail.php“></iframe>

The problem with this email posting is , it strips all the html tags before entering into wordpress database.

The is no way to find the attachments from an email.

So I decided to start a wordpress plugin which does the above missing properties. If there is any ‘working’ plugin available, please let me know, so that  I can avoid the re-inventing of wheel .


Sajith M.R

Pagerank Update

Google Pagerank is updated this week. www.sajithmr.com page rank is still 3. But most of the posts got 3 and 4. Those who are waiting to see the page rank update,  use this website:


If you use google toolbar in your browser , the result may be shown as cached. The Google Needle will give you live/current page rank. Check your each post or website pages there. If you have better page rank for your wordpress blog, use my page rank plugin to show the rank to your readers with a very cute designed page rank bar.

Show WordPress Currently Reading Posts

After the success of my previous wordpress plugins , Announcement, Show My Page Rank, Sexy Rating, Add to this , Stumble Reviews, I created one more interesting plugin, called Currently Reading Posts Plugin.

Whenever a visitor visits your website, he can see what are the posts currently reading by other visitors. It is like youtube’s currently watching videos.

Wordpress Currently Watching Plugin

You can see its current working at the top right corner of this website.

Download the plugin for here: http://www.sajithmr.com/downloads/CurrentlyWatching.zip

Go to Admin > Plugins > and activate the plugin.

Paste this code: <?php wp_show_currently_watching() ?> by editing your template / theme . (I placed the code in header.php file)

It is implemented with ajax support.

WordPress Announcement – Plugin

Wordpress Announcement Plugin

Do you wanna inform any important news or message to your readers ? Here is a simple plugin, WordPress Announcement Plugin.

Download the plugin from : http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/announcement.zip

Go to Admin > Plugin > and activate announcement plugin. After that, go to options and select Announcement. By default the plugin will be inactive. You have to set your announcement and activate the announcement by checking ‘Active’ checkbox.

Never Forgot to Run the Announcement. By Default the Announcement will be inactive

Enough !!! You visitors can now see your announcement. It will be displayed only one time for a particular user .

(If you want to see the announcement again, for testing purpose, Clear browser cookies, or atleast cookies from your blog. Otherwise you have to wait another 24 hours to play the announcement again)

The plugin is created with cute design and animation. It will never interrupt your blog reader.



Sexy Rating – WordPress Plugin

If you wanna know , what is others review or opinion about your website, You can use this wordpress plugin. It will provide the blog readers and your regular visitor to rate your blog. You can put this plugin anywhere in your blog. The plugin name is sexyrate plugin.

Here is the screen shot:

Sexy Rate Plugin Screen Shot

There are 4 types for rating , Perfect, Good , Bad and Too-Bad. One user can rate one time only. The whole thing is made out of Ajax. For providing more attraction , the plugin is created with images of sexy ladies :) .

If you want to place this plugin, what to do is , download it from http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/sexyrate.zip

Go to your wordpress Admin > Plugin and activate this plugin. After that , go to Admin > Presentation > Theme Editor and edit any place you want (header, single.php , index.php, home.php or sidebar.php) as suit to your blog and add this line:

<?php wp_show_my_rate() ?>

*Remember, this plugin is referred to those who has white backgroud wordpress theme.

Comment me your opinion about this plugin


Stumble Reviews – WordPress Plugin

Stumble Reviews - WordPress Plugin

If you installed stumble toolbar in your browser, you can see a white bubble button. It is called stumble review button. When you browse a website url, if you press this bubble, you can see the reviews regarding that website by different stumbleupon users. Take your wordpress blog posts and click on stumble review bubble, you can see others reviews about each of your blog post.

stumble reviews

If you are getting more reviews for your wordpress blog post, it is the time to reveal or expose your reviews in front of your blog readers.

Here is a wordpress plugin which shows your post reviews by stumble users. If you are using wordpress widget, just activate stumble review widget and add to you sidebar after download the plugin files from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/stumble-reviews/

If you are not a wordpress widget user, add the below code in Template Editor.

<?php wp_stumble_review_template() ?>

If you want to add stumble review on your sidebar use the below code:

<?php simple_sumble_review_template() ?>

See the screen shot when i activated the stumble review plugin and added the code <?php wp_stumble_review_template() ?> in my single.php file just above the comments area ( <?php comments_template(); ?> )

Stumble Reviews Screen shot

(Screenshot of sajithmr.com after installing stumble reviews plugin)